Winning the 1st prize in the international competition “Choice of the Year 2012”

Another international recognition for the quality and innovation of Mon Platin. This time it is a product of Mon Platin Professional, which won the “Choice of the year 2012” international competition in Belarus.

The competition serves the public’s interest to know and use the most qualitative products in the market, pruducts which have withstood a variety of different criteria. The main competitive advantage of this competition is a methodology developed wisely and with transparency to determine the best product/service based on the results of:

  • Customers’ preference surveys
  • A committee for criticism and evaluation of qualitative characteristics of products/services.
  • The conclusions of an advertising committee regarding the promotion of products/services in the market.
  • Opinions of the board of the competition’s organizing committee. A committee of experts has nominated for the board: representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Communications of Belarus.

Among the initiators of this competition: the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the EuropeanCenter for Marketing Research and other organizations.

The West company, which is the official franchisee and distributor of Mon Platin in Belarus represented the professional products of Mon Platin in the competition.

The West company enjoys an excellent reputation in the Belarussian market and has distributed the Mon Platin products for more than a decade now with an ever growing success.

The company’s managemant in Israel would like to take this opportunity to express their appreciation and respect for the excellent team at West, which over the years has shown thoroughness, determination and wonderful activity – thank you very much!

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