How to keep straight hair that went through Japanese straightening?

A new Israeli development for treating Japanese straightened hair

Hair straightening by different methods has become an inseparable part of the Israeli routine.

 Women with curly, wavy or even almost-straight hair wake up one morning declaring: “I want a change now!”

By the way, has anyone ever thought why, really, do Japanese women, who are known for their straight hair, need to do hair straightening? And the answer is – to give their hair a shining, glistening look!

Minimum effort and maximum joy – this is actually the goal that every woman wants to achieve, especially when her day is organized by the minute. No doubt that waking up in the morning with a straight, tidy hair, is every woman’s dream.

What the woman wants, the woman gets!

What is the first step to do when you want a change?

You consult your friends, of course! Also, you get into forums, facebook and other social networks and you get all the answers there!

One phone call to the hair dresser, clearing the schedule for a few hours, one treatment of Japanese straightening and she leaves the hair saloon with a flowing, glistening straight hair, no less so than that of women from far away Japan.

This amazing, dramatic change that had just been made is accompanied by a feeling of floating in the air and starting a new page, but also of worry – how to keep this amazing look for a long time?

Watch out – 4 first days after the straightening

It goes without saying that for the first 4 days after a Japanese straightening treatment one has to adhere to some strict rules:

  • no wetting of the hair
  • not tucking the hair behind the ear
  • not using a pin or a hair clip

 So how does one really keep the straightened hair for a long time?

We at Mon Platin have put a lot of thought and effort in order to find a quality solution, and we managed to give an Israeli answer to sraightened hair.

We have developed special shampoo and hair mask that treat straightened hair! – not just after Japanese straightening, but after every kind of straightening!

Hair Shampoo Total Straight and Total Straight Hair Mask belong to Mon Platin Professional prestigious Black Caviar series and are designed to keep the results of any kind of straightening.

Shampoo for straightening hair
Shampoo for straightening hair

Hair Shampoo Total Straight – shampoo for straightened hair:


  • A product of the Black Caviar series.
  • Designed for hair that was straightened by any kind of straightening (regular, Japanese, French, keratin treatments).
  • This shampoo contains no salts. This helps the hair not resist chemical treatment.
  • The shampoo is PH 5.5  and it prepares the hair for optimal absorption of the hair mask.
  •  The shampoo protects the hair and gives it luster and flexibility.

Total Straight Hair Mask – mask for straightened hair

  •  Product of the Black Caviar series

    Mon Platin Black Caviar Hair Mask for straightened hair
    Mon Platin Black Caviar Hair Mask for straightened hair
  •  Designed for hair that had gone through any kind of straightening (regular, Japanese, French, Keratin treatments).
  •  The mask nourishes the hair with essential ingredients that it had lost during the straightening process and helps keep the straightening outcome for a long time!
  • Prevents hair static electricity.
  • The mask doesn’t contain salts. This helps the hair not resist chemical treatment.
  • Mask is PH 5.5
  •  It gives the hair moisture, flexibility, luster and vitality.

Total Straightening Serum for strengthened hair

Serum for straightened hair
Serum for straightened hair
  • A uniquely formulated serum for use following straightening procedures.
  • Preserve the hair’s structure after straightening.
  • Enriched with black caviar and silk protein.
  • Creates a protective layer that adds shine and leaves the hair supple and soft.
  • Contains extracts of plants rich in anti-oxidants (pomegranate and green tea) to retain the hair’s texture and protect it from environmental and weather damage.
  • Enables fast, effective blow drying and protects the hair from exposure to heat during drying and styling.

Available at professional hair saloons only. 

This post is also available in: Russian, Hebrew

4 thoughts on “How to keep straight hair that went through Japanese straightening?

  • 07/07/2013 at 11:15 AM

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  • 07/07/2013 at 10:51 AM

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  • 05/02/2013 at 7:41 AM

    I just purchased these products and I don´t know how often I have to use the hair mask? Should I use every time I wash my hair, I do it every other day. I´ve noticed my hair is getting very oily

    Thank you!

    • 05/02/2013 at 9:33 AM

      Dear Victoria,
      Thank you for the question.
      This mask is very rich in essential ingredients, such as black caviar, silk protein, olive oil, royal jelly and anti-oxidizing plant extracts to protect and to nourish your hair that may have been lost or damaged during the straightening process. This is why we recommend using this mask no more than once or twice a week.


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