How to use peelings

Time for change and renovation.

Let us talk about peelings and exfoliation!

A Cell’s life cycle is 28 days, after which the cell dies off. The Keratinous layer prevents the penetration of nutrients into the skin and the oxygen access to living cells is impeded. Therefore, it is natural that the skin becomes dull, grey, and flaky. In other words, if we do not remove dead cells, we age and wither sooner, as the skin’s energy is lost. Exfoliation is a magic word. It is a treatment aimed at cleansing the skin from horny scales.

This treatment is performed with the help of a beauty product, which is called peeling. Exfoliation is done with the use of peeling products. Let us take our heels as a good example. Before pedicure, the skin on the heels is dry, cracked and rough. After a pedicure treatment, it becomes even, smooth, soft and nicely pink. If you could have a look at your face under a microscope, the picture would be quite similar to the heels. Ultrasound cleansing, diamond polish, acid peelings performed in beauty salons do your skin a lot of good. However, we should not forget about exfoliation, which may be done at home. First of all, it maintains the long-term effect of the treatment performed by your beauty therapist. Secondly, it maintains the freshness and the young look of your skin between salon treatments.

Types of peeling treatments for home use.

  1. Soapless face peeling. This gentle peeling is cream-based with some fine abrasives added. This type of peeling is applied on damp skin and exfoliation lasts for approximately 3-5 minutes until all the particles are dissolved. Rinse the remains of the product with water and apply some toner.

soapless face peeling

2. Peeling mask. This cream-based peeling is evenly applied, and after it gets dry, with circular movements, just roll down the dry remains of the mask. This type of peeling is called gommage. After the treatment, the skin looks white and velvety. It also has a pores contraction effect.

Face Peeling Mask

3. Peel-off mask. These masks can also be classed as a type of peeling. They are polymer based, with some alcohol added.

During the application, the alcohol evaporates and the polymers turn into a film on the skin. The film not only exfoliates the keratinous layer, but thanks to various nutrients and vitamins, also has a visible lifting effect and nourishes the skin as it gets dry.

Peel Off Honey

Like all beauty products, peelings should be selected according to the skin type.

Let us now review all the types of peelings that MON PLATIN has to offer.

Peeling how to use
1. Buy peeling products which suit your skin type. The treatment will be effective only on this condition. Otherwise, the wrong product can cause irritation and dry skin.
2. After exfoliation, rinse the remains of the product with water and apply some toner.
3. After exfoliation, your skin needs regeneration and protection. Always use moisturizing and nourishing face masks.

The choice is yours!

Remember that nature has given you youth and the right care will help you to remain young for much longer!

Please, stay beautiful!

                                                                                                                  Sincerely yours,
Yulia Bright, Cosmetologist

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