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In their chase after beauty, people often compromise on their health. A quick result is enticing, so they try not to think about what will happen in future. Let us be honest with ourselves and admit that the situation will radically change only if the concept of BEAUTY becomes equal to the concept of HEALTH. 

Beauty products for home use should be selected very thoroughly. Never be misled by colorful TV adverts, YouTube videos or your friends’ advice. 

Each of you is first and foremost an individual, so custom solutions naturally come first.

Many of us have often wondered about the ingredients of the beauty products that we apply on our faces every day. What do these miraculous jars and bottles contain? What makes a positive impact on your skin?

For many years, I have studied beauty products, their composition and the effect of their specific components on the skin of the face, body and hair. 

In this article, I will help you find answers to the many questions associated with the right selection and use of beauty products. 

Well, we all know that beauty products are water based. Water is the universal natural solvent and a vital ingredient for living cells. 

If we take any cream and have a look at its contents, in the very first line we will see the word Water (Agua). Our next focus will be on the ACTIVE SUPPLEMENTS that enhance the positive effect of beauty products.

Let us review, one by one, all the components that are referred to as active supplements.

In cosmetic chemistry, the concept of active supplement is divided into functionally active and biologically active. Functionally active are all the ingredients which have an external effect and add specific properties to the product. These may include germ-killing compounds in cleansers. Let us take TRICLOSAN as an example. It does not affect the functioning of the cells. Its aim is neutralizing microorganisms living on the skin surface. 

As a good illustration, I suggest reviewing one of MON PLATIN’s products, namely Delicate Soap for Intimate Washing

If we have a look at the ingredients, we will see TRICLOSAN among them. It has a germ-killing effect, stops itching and irritation, so you purchase not just an ordinary soap, but a product having a positive impact, and the results of its use will not take long to appear. intimate washing

UV-filters. These are components that do not interfere with the physiology of your skin, but only reduce the ultra-violet impact on it. 

MON PLATIN offers you a line of sun protection products, as well as day creams with sunscreen factors.  

Pigments in beauty products are also functionally active supplements, the function of which is to add color to the skin’s surface.

Biologically active components influence chemical and physiological processes in various skin layers. This group of ingredients includes replenishing substances that are essential for the skin’s metabolism processes, altering the speed and intensity of various processes going on in the skin.

  1. Antioxidants. The role of antioxidants in beauty products is to fight free radicals. Free radicals are active molecules, which have free space for an electron. They strive to fill this space, depriving the other molecules of their own electron. As soon as the molecule fills this free space, it becomes safe. But the neighboring molecule, which is now deprived of its electron, becomes a free radical and tries, just like the other one, to satisfy its need of the missing electron. And this process goes on and on. Thus, free radicals in our bodies cause a powerful oxidative stress, and antioxidants are capable of inhibiting oxidation processes and reducing the amount of free radicals in the body.

    The role of antioxidants in cosmetic products

    First of all, antioxidants protect beauty products from oxidation. They are, in essence, natural preservatives, i.e. substances that help extend the product’s lifetime.

    Secondly, antioxidants are expected to perform their biological functions on the skin, or more specifically – fighting oxidative stress, which results in the ageing and withering of the skin.

    They also have an anti-inflammatory effect, and alleviate the consequences of UV radiation and other stressful impacts on the skin. They are used for deep acid peelings. They have immunomodulatory properties and facilitate healing processes.

Here are the main antioxidants:

eye serum b eye serumVitamin C. The most powerful protection of the immune system, aimed at fighting skin ageing.

Among the MON PLATIN products, I would like to specifically mention Vitamin C Eye Serum.

Vitamin E. This is one of the components which has immediate anti-oxidation properties. All of MON PLATIN’s moisturizers contain vitamin E.

Almond oil, wheat extract, rosehip oil, olives, green tea, rosemary, pomegranate, black caviar, sea weeds, citrus extracts – all these extremely powerful antioxidant supplements can be found in MON PLATIN’s skin, body and hair care products. 


2. Vitamins. Vitamins (originated from the Latin word vita, which means life) are a group of low molecular organic substances, which, in certain amounts, are vitally important for humans. Vitamins are not produced by the human body. Therefore, they have to be consumed with food and skin care products. 

So when buying beauty products, it is very important to pay attention to the vitamin content. In the contents section, the chemical names of the vitamins are listed. For example, if you see such names as tocopherol or tocotrienol, just know that these are types of vitamin E, whereas retinol and carotenoids are vitamin A. 

anti aiging body butter

3. Plant extracts. 

Man has been aware of plants’ useful properties since the dawn of civilization. In those times, most known plants were used to cure various diseases. At present, beauty products necessarily contain 2-3 types of plant extracts.

Plant extracts are naturally balanced mixes of biologically active substances, having versatile effects. One of the most widely spread extracts is aloe vera extract. It is also an antioxidant, which has a soothing, healing and moisturizing effect. 

Aloe vera gel. This product should always be handy in any home, because of its first aid use against sunburns, insect stings, burns, rashes, irritations etc. aloevera_soothing gel

4. Essential oils.

Essential oils are combinations of odorous substances, which are found in plants.

In beauty industry, essential oils are used for the aromatization of beauty products. Many essential oils have been found to have anti-microbial, anti-virus, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties. 

5. Moisturizing substances (moisturizers).

All the substances capable of increasing the hydration of the corneal layer are referred to as moisturizing ingredients. This is a low- molecular group of hygroscopic substances, which are found only in the corneal layer. In the contents section, this group is referred to as NMF (natural moisturizing factor).

NMF consists of such minerals as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, salts of lactic acid, urea, as well as glycerin, complex sugars and peptides. Being very small, these compounds easily penetrate into the corneal layer and are accumulated in it (sort of get stuck in it), which results in a moisturizing effect.

6. Natural minerals. 

Life started in the ocean, and the ocean contains all the macro and microelements necessary for the skin. This is why the best solutions for the skin include clays, muds, products based on Deas Sea minerals, and seaweed components. 

moist.treatment mask_box - smallClay. Clay is a secondary product of the earth crust, fine-grained rock, which formed as a result of the destruction of rock in the process of erosion. As a rule, the forming mineral in the clay is kaolin.

It consists of silicon and aluminum hydroxides.

In beauty products, white clay is mostly used. It is the basis for facial and body masks. During production, kaolin is added to various biologically active supplements aimed at achieving various effects, more specifically, at problem skin treatment, whitening and refreshing the skin. 

Moisturizing beauty mask. 

mois.facial soapSeaweed. One of the most interesting properties of seaweed is its ability to manage the growth factors and stimulate the division of skin cells. This is the reason for the antiaging and healing properties of seaweed extracts.

The research of the properties of seaweeds is still ongoing, but it is already obvious that thanks to their unique properties, they have found their use in beauty

products, targeting withered and lifeless skin,

problem and irritated skin,

damaged skin with a disturbed barrier,

dry and irritated skin,

withering wrinkled skin,

skin with signs of cellulite,

Moisturizing face soap – refreshing effect 

mud cleansing gelMuds. Unlike coal, consisting of non-organic substances, natural muds include both organic and non-organic compounds.

These are silts of various waters, peat deposits, mud volcanoes residua and other natural buildups. 

Muds have been very successfully used in the treatment of musculoskeletal system, polyarthritis, and skin conditions. In the beauty industry, muds taken from different natural sources are used, but the most popular is the Dead Sea mud.

Cleansing facial gel, mud facial masks, natural Dead Sea mud, natural Dead Sea mud soap, mud shampoo, mud hair mask, mud facial mask with black caviar extracts.

Products based on Dead Sea minerals. The water in Dead Sea is the most salty on our planet. It is situated 417 m below the sea level. Its water contains 345 g of salt per 1l of water. The highest mineral contents are those of magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride ions, sulfides, bromine, and bicarbonate ions. 

Tens of thousands of patients from all over the world, annually come to the Dead Sea to get rid of such conditions as eczema, psoriasis, rheumatism, and lung illnesses. 

Beauty products in which the Dead Sea water is used, yield quick and visible results on the face and body skin, as well as in terms of hair care. 

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Your beauty and your skin health are in your hands! MON PLATIN’s products will make you beautiful and healthy indeed!


Sincerely yours

Yulia Bright,

beauty therapist

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