Flowers in the beauty industry

Choose the flower to help you become younger and more beautiful! 

We all know very well that flowers do not only give us beauty and fragrance, but also have therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. Various flower extracts have been used in medicine and in the beauty industry for a long time, because they contain active biological components and antioxidants. In the previous articles, we have mentioned on multiple occasions that components having antioxidant properties are the main ingredients of anti-ageing beauty products. It is thanks to these properties that we have the possibility to prolong our youth, improve our health, and become more beautiful.

In order for the beauty product to have its best effect, it is necessary to know the therapeutic properties of the flowers. 

RosesThe rose with its fascinating fragrance is the queen of flowers, the symbol of love and beauty. The extract of the rose flower has a positive effect on the skin of your face; more specifically, it improves your complexion and prolongs its youth. An extract of rose petals has anti-virus and anti-microbial properties. It is especially recommended for those who have dry skin. It has a rejuvenating effect and is widely used in anti-ageing treatment programs.

Anti-ageing body cream. This anti-ageing cream contains the extracts of rose and rosehip, vitamins C and E, as well as Dead Sea minerals. The cream soothes your skin, eliminates stretchmarks, and is recommended for pregnant women and those who are in the process of losing weight. It improves elasticity and prevents the skin from dryness and laxity.

body butter_rose

Aromatic body peeling. The mixture of aroma oils and Dead Sea salt granules improves the skin structure and gives it elasticity and a velvety texture. It contains rose and rosehip extracts.

aromatic body peeling_rose

viola mon platinFor oily skin, creams containing violet extract are recommended. The oil which is extracted from the violet leaves helps in treating skin inflammations. 

Facial peeling mask is especially effective for deep facial skin cleansing and removal of dead cells. It facilitates cellular renewal, boosts blood circulation and gives your skin smoothness, freshness and a velvety texture. The mask is enriched with botanical extracts and Dead Sea minerals. 

Face Peeling Mask

lavenderLavender is the queen of aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil has rejuvenating and balancing properties. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin very well.

Body peeling soap is produced with the use of a unique triple-action formula and ensures deep body cleansing, making the skin soft and velvety, with a pleasant fragrance. The peeling particles remove dead cells from the skin surface and improve blood circulation. The soap is a wonderful product, which evens out scars and wrinkles and eliminates traces of stretchmarks. 

boby peeling lavender

Aromatic body peeling with its combination of oils and salts renews and improves your skin structure, strengthens and refreshes it, removes dead cells, gives your skin smoothness, a velvety texture and a fresh feel.aromatic body peeling_lavender

patchouliPatchouli. Patchouli oil is widely used in the beauty and perfumery industry thanks to its anti-septic properties. It works to improve body and facial skin elasticity, has a lifting effect and removes sagged areas. It evens out wrinkles, removes traces of scars and revitalizes tired skin. The antioxidants facilitate quick renewal of epidermis cells and patchouli oil is also widely used for massages. It helps the body get rid of excess fluids, prevents water retention and removes puffiness. It is often used in anti-cellulite products. 

Anti-ageing body butter with lavender, vanilla and patchouli. It is a unique cream of a delicate consistency. It firms your skin while its fragrance charges you with energy. It contains a combination of flower extracts, Dead Sea minerals, vitamins A, C, E and has a sensual aroma.

body butter_lavender

Body Massage Cream Sensually Perfumed. This body and massage cream includes components, which make the cream absorb into the skin very quickly and easily. It gives your skin the necessary moisture and makes it feel soothed and relaxed, adding elasticity and a silky texture. 

body massage cream

Orchid. Delicate orchid flowers have quite a considerable longevity, which has made researchers wonder about their properties. Scientists keep finding more and more unique components in these flowers. This must be the reason why the extract and the oil of the orchid have found a wide use in many modern beauty products. They have an intensive softening and moisturizing effect, are known for treating irritations and are suitable for any skin type. Not long ago, French scientists discovered that from the root of the orchid it is possible to produce a special extract which enhances skin elasticity. This extract does not only facilitate cellular renewal, but also boosts the production of cytokine referred to as a gene of longevity. Nowadays, ingredients extracted from various kinds of orchids are included in manifold beauty products; The delicate care line of products for sensitive skin, professional products for mature skin, hair care products, gels, deodorants and anti-cellulite products are just a few in the list of high quality and effective orchid beauty products. 

Body nectar with black caviar and orchid extracts has a sensual fragrance, awakens your senses and charges with energy. Shea butter and black caviar extract give your skin softness and a velvety texture. This delicate creamy foam cleanses your skin without leaving any feeling of dryness. Orchid and orange extracts stimulate skin metabolism. The nectar contains vitamins Е, С, В3 and В12 and is enriched with unique Dead Sea minerals.

body nectar orchid

Body peeling sorbet with orchid, black caviar extracts and vitamin capsules is a wonderful product for removing dead cells and skin cleansing. Its unique combination of ingredients helps to even out your skin. When mixed with water, it is transformed into a concentrated emulsion with a sensual fragrance, charging your skin with energy, awakening all the senses. The sorbet nourishes and strengthens your skin.

body peeling sorbet 

Silky smoothing body serum with orchid and black caviar extracts with its sensual fragrance, will awaken all your senses and emotions. It protects your skin and helps to firm it, making it look and feel silky and delicate. The capsules, containing a high concentration of vitamins, provide your skin with necessary nourishment. Extracts of orchid and evening primrose oil are a good addition to the complex of ingredients. The serum contains vitamins A and E and is enriched with Dead Sea minerals.

silk smotthing body serum

Body yogurt with black caviar and orchid extracts and vitamin capsules is a fantastic lotion with a sensual perfume. It boosts life’s energy, awakens all the senses, protects and firms your skin. Capsuled vitamins in high concentration ensure the skin’s nourishment, while orchid and orange extracts boost its metabolism. The lotion also contains vitamins Е, С, В3, В5 and is enriched with Dead Sea minerals.

body yogurt orchid

Now that you are aware of the properties of the flowers, which are used in Mon Platin products, the choice is up to you!!!

Remember that choosing the right cosmetic product is crucial for your beauty. Enjoy using MON PLATIN beauty products! 


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