Pregnancy. Taking care of your tummy.

Pregnancy is a fabulous time for any woman. This is the time when a tiny little lump of happiness is growing inside of us.

During pregnancy, a woman’s endocrine profile changes. And because of this everything else changes as well, the skin, the hair… We start putting on weight, and especially drastic changes happen right before giving birth. As the lump of happiness is growing, the mum’s tummy is growing as well. The tummy skin stretches and stretch marks appear which are usually taken care of only after giving birth. However, it is reasonable to start looking after your skin from the first half of your pregnancy. 

Itching is a sign of potential stretchmarks in the problem areas. It occurs when the skin is micro-damaged due to its stretching and to the tearing of collagen fibers. This symptom should not be ignored, as the skin will get restored with a scar, which will later turn into a stretchmark.

Preventing stretchmarks 

Remember about intensive moisturizing and avoid dehydration of your body. Drink as much water as you can, as water has a favorable impact on your baby’s comfort and on your body as a whole. Remember that your skin cells mostly consist of water. So maintain the moisture level, consuming a good amount of water and hydrate your skin using creams, serums and oils.

Mon Platin pregnancy stretchmarks prevention programme.

This programme, consisting of several treatments, will yield good results if applied daily, on a regular basis.

1. The best way of cleansing your skin is with the use light exfoliation products. Body peeling soap is a perfect solution. It is manufactured with the triple action formula and ensures deep skin cleansing making your skin soft and silky and having a pleasant aroma. The peeling particles remove dead cells and boost blood circulation. The soap works very well for evening out scars and wrinkles, and for eliminating traces of stretchmarks. It contains chamomile extract and 26 Dead Sea minerals. Is suitable for all skin types.

boby peeling soap
body peeling soap

Using rough loofas will considerably boost blood flow, which, in turn, will improve skin cellular metabolism and blood circulation. 

2. After every shower, apply some Anti-ageing body butter with rose and rosehip. The rose, with its fantastic fragrance, is the queen of flowers, a symbol of love and beauty. This anti-ageing butter contains rose and rosehip extracts, vitamins C and E, as well as Dead Sea minerals. The butter has a soothing effect and eliminates stretchmarks. It is recommended for use during pregnancy, after giving birth and while losing weight. The butter improves the elasticity of your skin, preventing it from dryness and laxity.

body butter_rose

3. On top of the cream, apply some Silk smoothing body serum with black caviar extract and macadamia. This luxuriously fragranced serum awakens your feelings and gives you a boost of energy, protects and firms your skin. The ingredients in this serum help give your skin a velvety and delicate texture. High concentration vitamin capsules provide your skin with the necessary nourishment. Macadamia and evening primrose oils are a fantastic addition to this rejuvenating complex. The serum contains vitamins A and E and is enriched with Dead Sea minerals. It also has an occlusion property, which helps retain the moisture for a longer time and prevent it from evaporating.

silk smotthing body serum

Aloe Vera gel is a perfect product, which will help you get rid of the itching associated with the stretching of the skin. This gel has a soothing effect and is an additional source of skin moisturizing.

aloevera_soothing gel

You should massage your skin twice a day, using a delicate baby oil, which is the best massage product. Gentle massage movements with the use of a massage glove stimulate blood flow and facilitate the skin’s nourishment processes.

If, after giving birth, you still have stretchmarks, they will grow lighter with time. There are methods of treatment, which make it possible to at least make them a lot less visible. One cannot fully get rid of stretchmarks, but the modern beauty industry is quite capable of restoring smoothness to the skin.

Dear ladies and new mums, please take good care of your skin during pregnancy. Your work and effort will be rewarded! 

                                                                                               Sincerely yours,

                                                                                        Yulia Bright, beauty therapist

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