Facial serum. What is it and what is it used for?

Most people have heard of a product named SERUM. But not everyone knows what it is used for. Let us find out what a serum is – whether it is a fashionable trend or a necessary skin care product? 

Serum, translated as a concentrate, consists of highly concentrated biologically active substances. Serum penetrates deep into the skin, thanks to its special structure and extra small molecules. 

The major properties of serums. 

Serum should not be used on its own but in combination with other beauty products. Its composition of ingredients differs from that of creams. Therefore, it would not be right to compare the two. Serums are water based gels and oils. 

Besides, serums contain vitamin complexes and therapeutic plant extracts, which help to tone and energize the skin. 

The antioxidants contained in serums fight free radicals, which, as we know, accelerate skin ageing. We should also remember that natural cosmetic oils can be often found in serums: they are important components having powerful moisturizing and regenerating effects on withering skin.

However, we should also bear in mind that serum does not protect from adverse external factors. It gets absorbed very quickly, leaving your skin surface unprotected.

One of the crucial properties of a beauty serum is its capability to deliver other substances from other products into your facial skin. For example, your moisturizer will be a lot more effective if you apply a serum first. 

When choosing a serum, you should take the contents of the cream into consideration as well. Both products should contain the same biologically active supplements. For instance, an anti-wrinkle serum will not work if not used in combination with the relevant anti-wrinkle cream. 

Varieties of serums.

We should take into account the fact that serums, unlike creams, are selected as targeting a certain skin problem, and not according to the skin type. Therefore, they fall into the following categories:




Containing vitamin complexes


If you have started having problems with your facial skin, you can use various serums to eliminate these problems, both at a mature and at a young age.

At a younger age, at the initial stage of ageing, when you are about 24-20 years old, you should focus more on moisturizing and antioxidant protection.  

Mineral serum Active anti-wrinkle gel from DSM MON PLATIN works in perfect combination with all the moisturizers of this line. This highly active serum works for improvement and quick regeneration of your skin. It reduces wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new lines. It contains plant extracts, Dead Sea minerals, vitamins A and E, as well as a special complex of substances helping to fight skin ageing and adverse environmental effects. It is also a perfect make-up primer.

At the age of 30+, black caviar based serums from the Black Caviar Collection are particularly effective

1. Anti-wrinkle serum, enriched with black caviar extracts. This unique serum is designed to improve the look of your skin, to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles while evening out the existing ones. It is enriched with black caviar extracts, having a perfect balance of highly concentrated oils and proteins, phosphorous and potassium mineral salts, vitamins A, B2, B12, iron, manganese, silica, magnesium and amino acids. It is also enriched with Dead Sea minerals and buckthorn extract, which help fight the signs of ageing and the effects of adverse environmental factors as well as contributing to the regeneration and renovation of skin cells.

Anti-Wrinkle Serum Enriched with Extract of Black Caviar

  1. Lifting serum enriched with black caviar. This unique serum helps lift the skin of your face, making your skin look fresh and smooth while evening out and concealing wrinkles. It is produced with the use of two-phase absorption technology (MP269); and, thanks to this unique method, it has an immediate lifting effect, making your skin look smooth and radiant. It contains a unique mixture of active ingredients combined with black caviar and Dead Sea minerals. It is enriched with vitamins A, B5, C, E, amino acids and carbohydrates. It generously nourishes your skin with green tea, nettles, orchid, aloe and chamomile extracts and makes your skin smoother and firmer. 

    ultra lifting serum

    3. Silk serum with black caviar extract and vitamin capsules. This is a facial serum with an exquisite smell, that awakens and energizing your skin. It protects the skin of your face and helps to firm it; it improves the skin texture making it look nice and smooth. The components of this serum make your skin silky and gentle. It serves as a perfect basis for the foundation cream, evens out and maintains your make-up for a long period of time. The highly concentrated vitamin capsules provide the skin with a generous vitamin helping, whereas macadamia and orchid extracts, buckthorn oil and evening primrose add to the boosting composition of this serum. It contains vitamins A and E and is enriched with Dead Sea minerals. 

    Silk Serum Foundation

    Your eye area needs special attention. Your skin there is very thin and susceptible to stress. Most women experience dark circles, puffiness, and their first wrinkles in this particular area. This is why, in addition to creams, using eye serums will considerably improve your skin. Do not wait for the first wrinkles to appear: this area needs special attention from a young age. 

  1. 4. Vitamin C beauty eye serum. This eye serum is enriched with green tea and chamomile extracts. This new product is designed for intensive eye care, to fight the appearance of fine lines, dryness, puffiness and dark circles in the eye area. The highly advanced composition of this serum includes a high content of vitamin C and unique Dead Sea minerals, chamomile and viola extracts. The combined effect of these ingredients includes an increase in the elasticity of sensitive and gentle skin in the eye area. The serum also contains green tea extract which protects your skin and looks after it over a long period of time.anti wrinkle mineral serum


    1. The serum should be applied after cleansing your skin with a relevant cleanser and toner

    2. After the serum, apply a moisturizing or a nourishing cream

    3. If you use an eye and a face serum, first apply the eye serum and follow with the face serum. 

    Use various serums, having carefully looked into their properties first, to make your skin look silky and radiant!

Stay beautiful and healthy!

                                                                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                                                         Yulia Bright, beauty therapist

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