Relieving Stress with Chromo-therapy

Over the past few years, chromo therapy has been getting more and more popular in professional cosmetology and has been acknowledged as a medical treatment and a way of healing with the help of colors.

As long ago as in ancient times, B.C., in Egypt and in Persia this kind of therapy was used to cure a wide range of medical conditions. Various natural crystals were used with the purpose of sunrays refraction. The sunrays acquired different colors, and when on the human body, they penetrated inside and cured it. This kind of cure was considered mystical.

Strange though it may seem, it has lasted up to the present days.

Color therapy is a totally safe therapeutic approach for stress relief, fighting headaches, getting rid of tiredness, fatigue and muscle pain caused by physical exercise, both more and less intensive.

In beauty centers, color booths are used to perform chromo therapy.

At home, it is feasible and very easy to arrange a mini-center for stress-release. Just install a head with various light emitting diodes in your shower unit.

In cosmetology we use colors which have a beneficial effect on the skin and mood. The subconscious begins to work. Honestly, it is a lot more pleasing to the eye if your beauty product is not just plain white, but delicate and subtle in color.


Mon Platin has given it a lot of thought and created a marvelous line of colored aromatic salts.

So, let us take a bath with a Dead Sea salt and aroma oils. It is a fantastic SPA treatment, which will easily cure you while you are at home.

Green Bath Saltsalt blue copyYellow Bath SaltRed Bath Salt
4. Green Salt.
In chromo therapy, green is related to emotional balance; it restores energy and gives comfort. Green is often used in preparation for hypnosis sessions, to warm up the patient.
3. Blue Salt.
Blue has a reputation of being a powerful relaxant, having a soothing and relaxing effect. In chromo therapy, blue is used to lower the body temperature and to tone the nervous system. Blue symbolizes eternity and quietude, but it is better to combine it with other colors, with red, yellow or white for example, depending on the desired effect.
2. Yellow Salt.
Yellow has a toning, but not an excitatory effect. It suits those suffering from depression, because of its energizing and stress-relieving properties. It also makes communication easier.
1. Red Salt.
One of the properties of pink is stress relief – taking the edge off pessimism and anxiety. There is even a saying “look at the world through pink-colored glasses”. It also has an excitatory effect, but it is less intensive than in the case of red.

It is very easy to use these products and the preparation will not take long. The only thing you have to do is to acquire MON PLATIN salts and oils. 

So, fill the bath with warm water. You will need 1-1.5 glasses of the Dead Sea salt of the color of your choice and two caps of bath oil. MON PLATIN offers two kinds of oils –

ROMANTIC and EXOTIC. Vitamins C, A, E, D, minerals, and almond oil are its basic ingredients. It restores the skin’s elasticity, while nourishing and softening it. It has a sensual and soothing flavor. 20 minutes is enough to rejuvenate you.


1. My advice to you is to dim the light when you have a bath. Get some candles of the same color as the salt, or any other color depending on the desired effect.

2. Never have a bath after a substantial dinner. First have a bath and have dinner afterwards.

3. Before having a bath, have a shower with one of the MON PLATIN aroma body gel or scrubs. 

4. After having a bath, have a shower. As the oil does not leave an oily film or any other traces on your clothing, just lightly dab your body with a towel. At the end, apply some body cream or lotion. 

Be in harmony with yourself and the world around you! 

                                                                                                         Sincerely yours, 

                                                                                                 Yulia Bright, beauty therapist

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