Anti Break Safe Guard for hair coloring and bleaching products

There is no need to worry anymore! Thanks to Anti Break Safe Guard your hair is protected.

A ground breaking, revolutionary patented development by Mon Platin Laboratories in Israel in collaboration with Mon Platin International.

Adding Anti Break to your hair bleaching or coloring mixture will assist in achieving maximal protection for the hair fiber.

Thanks to Anti Break you hair remains healthy and protected during clarifying or coloring, without interfering with the process itself.

This innovative complex introduces the ground-breaking Niosome technology, ensuring that 100% of the active materials penetrate the cortex layer of the hair. A combination of amino acids comprising the Niosome delivery system enables the creation of new disulfide bonds on the cortex layer as well as significant strengthening of existing disulfide bonds, resulting in maximal protection to the hair fiber and an almost complete prevention of hair breaking or tearing during the clarifying, streaking or coloring process.

Anti-Break Safeguard is molecularly compatible with Mon Platin Professional’s chemical products (hair bleaching, coloring and clarifying products), working in complete synergy with these products to achieve an amazing result, while maintaining a healthy, silky look.

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