The new factory

Blue and White – the new factory of Mon Platin Israel: connecting with society and nature

  1. Meshi Ltd

Despite the global economy crisis and at a time when many companies transfer their factories to countries with cheaper manufacturing costs, the A. Meshi company, owner of the Mon Platin brand name products, chooses to stay in Israel and even extends its activity. Recently A. Meshi has dedicated its second factory inIsrael, which is located in the industrial area of the city ofBat Yam. The A. Meshi company is one of the biggest and oldest manufacturing companies in the field of cosmetics inIsrael, and this factory comes in response to the growing demand in the world to the company’s products.

The new factory

The new factory, which is a 100% “blue and white” (made inIsrael), contributes to the local economy in our country: it provides jobs and receives services from hundreds of suppliers who employ thousands of workers.

The factory, which occupies more than 7,000 square meters, was built according to the world’s toughest cosmetics standarts and complies with the quality standards of the official institutes inIsraeland the toughest European and American standards.

The equipment in the factory is modern and advanced and provides the company with large, world standard quality manufacturing capacity.

:The products

  1. Meshi manufactures a variety of about 400 different cosmetic products for 51 countries in the world, and its products are known to be of the highest quality. Along the years, the company has made dozens of technological breakthroughs in the fields of hair care and body care. The company manufactures the following brand name products:


Dead Sea Minerals




 Connecting with society and nature

The company’s activity is done while taking care of the environment and contributing to the community. This is done as part of the concept that a business organization should be beneficial and connected with society and nature.

Instruction and seminars

In the new factory we give porfessional instruction and seminars in a variey of subjects relating to skin and hair care. These are meant to enrich the knowledge of our visitors, who visit us fromIsraeland from different other countries. In the course of the past few months we have had visits to the Academy by delegations from Russia, Belarus, Mexico, Slovakia, Serbiaa nd the USA. In the coming month, visits are planned by professional delegations fromCanadaandEngland. Visiting delegations enjoy classes and instruction by Israel’s best hair designers and by the staff of the professional department at Mon Platin

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