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It is now a known fact – Slovakian women love Mon Platin’s professional quality hair products.

Proof for this fact can be found in the many professional hair saloons located all over Slovakia, a country whose population reaches approx. 5.5 million people. These saloons offer a wide range of Mon Platin Professional products.

Proof can also be found in Mon Platin’s decision to sponsor “Mango” – the well-known fashion brand at its impressive fashion show which took place in the Slovakian city of Kosice in Spring-Summer 2014.

Further Proof can be found in the extensive interest expressed by Slovakian hair designers, most of them owners of hair salons, who participated in Mon Platin’s professional training workshops held at the “DoubleTree by Hilton” hotel in Kosice and at the “Holiday Inn” in a suburb of Bratislava.

The purpose of the professional training workshops was to share the most updated trends in hair care, hairdos, haircuts, the latest products and innovative design methods.

Spring-Summer 2014 hair color trend

Mon Platin’s Israeli representatives presented the training workshops, during which an impressive portfolio of fashion hairdos and especially evening styles were demonstrated to the local hair designers. In parallel, emphasis was given to cool and elegant shades of hair color – brown red and a bit of purple as a trend which began last summer and is expected to continue with an impressive presence during this summer as well. 

Mon Platin Slovakia
Yossi Buhbut Hair Designer
Mon Platin Slovakia
Giyore Izhakov and Yossi Buhbut Hair Designers

Slovakian hair designers

Local hair designers also showed very impressive skills in terms of the chemistry of hair colors as well as in hair design, leaving a very good impression on the Israeli training team.

It is important to note that in Slovakia a hair designer must study for a number of years before being able to obtain a permit for opening a hair salon. Therefore, we are dealing with highly skilled professionals who know their work very well and who understand the value of quality professional hair products.

A special thanks to Daniel Katz, CEO of TDI, for a seamless production and perfect hosting of the visit.

Mon Platin Slovakia

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