The one thing that will make you an excellent hair style

7 facts every hair stylist should know about SKIN PROTECTOR

Have you ever been in a situation, that your client entered your hair salon, and at that moment you were filled with the desire and inspiration to make her look gorgeous and glamorous?

Now, the client is sitting in a chair, completely devoted to you, excepting from you, as a professional, to do the best possible.

Although in your heart you pray, that the hair color wouldn’t leak, your prayer is not answered, and splashes of color drip and stain the skin around your client hair and impairs the perfect treatment you intended to give your client.

Attempts to clear the spot color using various materials are complicated and uncomfortable, and cause her skin irritation and redness.

Awareness of this problem led to the development of SKIN PROTECTOR.

7 Things every hair stylist should know about SKIN PROTECTOR.

1. This is a special formula developed by Mon Platin Professional.Mon Platin Skin Protector

2. SKIN PROTECTOR prevents skin staining when coloring the hair.

3. Easy to use

4. Rinsing easily.

5. SKIN PROTECTOR does not affect the outcome of the dying process.

6. SKIN PROTECTOR prevents skin itching, redness and other effects caused by staining the skin.

7. And of course, SKIN PROTECTOR make you real professional!

Use: Spread SKIN PROTECTOR before any hair coloring on the skin around the hair.

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