139 female soldiers donated their hair towards creating wigs for women with cancer. Way to go IDF!

Some numbers:

  • 139 female soldiers donated their hair towards creating wigs for women with cancer during a special donation week project
  • 11 Hair Designers contributed their valuable time and expertise for the project
  • The donation campaign lasted for 5 days
  • On average the hair of 4 women is needed for preparing 1 wig
  • The cost of one wig in a wig shop is around ₪ 10,000-12,000

One day every year at all Air Force bases around the country is dedicated for donating hair for cancer patients by female soldiers and officers. This time the effort was expanded to last an entire week at the Air Force base in the “Kirya”.

This heart-warming initiative is the fruit of an amazing cooperation between the “PELE” Organization (“A wig for every woman”) and the Air Force.

How did it all begin?

A soldier from the Tel Nof Air Force base who wanted to donate her hair to cancer patients decided to bring her own hair designer to the Air Force hair saloon, where he helped her cut her hair and donate it to ““Zichron Menachem” association, whose representatives came to collect the hair from her and from 19 other girls who also decided to join their friend’s initiative.

Their commanders at the base heard of the story, and consequently it was decided that a day would be dedicated every year in all bases across the country for hair donations to cancer patients.

How did a donation day become an entire week?

Air Force Master Sergeant David Kashek took the project upon himself and thanks to his close cooperation with the “Pele” organization, an entire week of donations was scheduled at the Kirya Air Force base. An initial list of 25 female soldiers who signed up for the project quickly became 139.

Pele Organization

The “Pele” Organization collects hair from women, prepares wigs and gives them away to cancer patients in need.

The organization has its main center in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva, with additional branches at Kaplan hospital in Rehovot, Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva, Raziel medical center in Netanya, Kiryat Tivon and Nahariya.

True leadership

The base commander, a Lieutenant-Colonel, showed true leadership by taking part in the initiative and getting a short haircut for herself.

Veronica, one of the soldiers, said that she decided to cut her hair because her mother had cancer and now she is thankfully recovered.

A group of 5 soldiers working at the same office decided together to embark on the mission with all their hearts, knowing that the goal is more important than their long hair.

Hair Designers

A number of hair designers contributed their time and energy for this important project. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise all the soldiers looked great also after their haircut.

Following are the hair designers who participated in the hair donation week:

Meir Elaluf

Eithan Liliyus

Lichi Green

Albert Haimov

Igal Luz

Menashe Sharabani

Omer Tzfania

Shoval Forer

Yaniv Amar

Erez Ben Harush





Protecting the new look

To maintain and protect their new look, all contributing soldiers and officers received complimentary bottles of Mon Platin Professional black caviar shampoo and hair mask.

Our warmest thanks is extended to the women of the Air Force for their valuable contribution:

Relly Zin, Sharon Levi, Maayan Tagia, Sigal Rubin, Bar Rubin, Adi Marcus, Omer Mitelman, May Deriy, May Ovadia, Zlil Vigdor, Adva Itzhak, Maya David, Shir Hasson, Shir Avital, Daniel Sultan, Shir Vaknin, Korin Marodi, Lora Levinger, Ofri Harel, Tal Shwartzman, Ayelet Karari, Lorain Gueta, Limor Bukai, Dana Shimon, Keren Zuker, Shilat Cohen, Valeria Aberlin, Shira Ganor, Tal Kronkop, Tehila Nagar, Roni Davidi, Yuval Nagar, Iar Lipkin Hemo, Tal Haivi, Hadar Rikardo, Roni Yigali, Heli Amos, Eden Alush, Sveta Greiskop, Anat Said, Lumina Kwarman, Dorit AAgiv, Noam Dahan, Anat Olianov, Dafna Schwartz, Mor Levi Nissbaum, Noi Shoshan, Ortal Haker, Ella Fogel, RotemSegal, Hila Golan, Chen Assulin, Hani Yaacov, Hadar Zesna, Shira Mendel, Orli Levin, Pnai Cohen, Noa Meir, Chen Menashe, Eden Jean Var, Gali Alon, Yael Minz, Amit Margalit, Yasmin Bar Zlil, Shani Hazut, Inbar Kimchi, Naama Zipori, Gitel Sasi, Jenny Mishotin, Sandra Michal, Gal Oat, Chen Aji, Nir Adi, Ravid Ben Simon, Ron Dahan, Shaked Banifla, Hila Ivgi, Liad Zamuel, Esti Cohen, Sivan Axelrad, Maya Kolenbrenner, Nofar Sharvit, Ilana Haimowitz, Ella Ziorita, Galina Shimonov, Shachar Moskovich, Tamar Norik, Hadar Baruch, May Zachi, Shoval Tal, Naama Avni, Roni Barzilai, Zvia Shadiel, Tali Schwartz, Riki Shoef, Ella Trifman, Natali Paniri, Shir Oren, Gal Ben Israel, Lin Hod, Orit Ayalon Freedman, Michal Zemach





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