Scissors – The Hairdresser’s Operating Hand

Professional hairstyling scissors have often been described as the hairdresser’s “right hand”.

A professional hairdresser is evaluated first and foremost based on his or her ability to perfectly control a pair of scissors.

Of course, the skills of cutting, shearing and thinning precisely and quickly are a function of learning and experience, but the tool to be used is no less important than its’ owner’s skill.

So what makes Mon Platin’s professional scissors the wisest choice for professional hairdressers?

5 important points

1. Material – stainless steel made in Japan

Mon Platin scissors are the product of a unique development and design process, made of the highest quality stainless steel material. Japanese manufacturers enjoy a centuries-old tradition of manufacturing the best steel in the world. Their ancient knowledge comes from the art of producing swords and knives, combined with the most advanced knowledge and technology in the world.

2. Sharpness

Blades are sharpened using a unique laser technology for maximum sharpness. The scissors cut sharply and smoothly, while also enabling a sliding motion on the hair.

3. Precision

Mon Platin scissors are equipped with a special tip contributing to especially precise cuts.

4. Convenient grip

Mon Platin scissors are light weight and comfortable for use even after hours of continuous work.

5. Size

Mon Platin scissors come in three sizes: 5/5,5/6


This post is also available in: Russian, Hebrew

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