Israel-Belarus Hairstyling Event – May 2013

Mon Platin’s Hair Academy often hosts hair designers from all over the world.

A few days ago we had the privilege of hosting a group of professional hair designers who arrived directly from Belarus on behalf of “West” Co (Mon Platin’s official distributor).

The purpose of the visit was to exchange professional experience with Israeli hair designers, to learn about Mon Platin’s new products and how they are used, and to get to know the people behind the brand.

To achieve these goals, our staff at the academy has prepared a diverse and interesting program for the guests.

During the first evening we enjoyed an Israel-Belarus Hairstyle event.

The atmosphere during this evening was very dynamic and businesslike, with high spirits and positive energies all around.

Each hair designer presented his or her unique evening hairdo, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the many impressive creations and to learn new ideas and methods.

Israel-Belarus Hairstyling event

מעצב השיער יוסי בוחבוטמספרת יוסטייל
Yossi Buhbut Hair Designer
מעצב השיער: גיורא יצחקובדוגמנית - פריאל אייכנרמאפרת - ספיר טאובצלם - עמירם עמר
Giyora Itshakov Hair Designer
מעצבת השיער הבלארוסית - יוקנוביץ טטיאנהדוגמנית - שני פרץמאפרת - ספיר טאובצלם - עמירם עמר
Yukhnovich Tatsiana Hair Designer
מעצבת השיער - דנית אנקרצלם - עמירם עמר
Danit Ankar Hair Designer
מעצבת השיער - דנית אנקרצלם - עמירם עמר
Danit Ankar Hair Designer
מעצבת השיער הבלארוסית - מרינה באיקודוגמנית - שלומית נעיםמאפרת - ספיר טאובצלם - עמירם עמר
Marina Bayko Hair Designer
מעצבת השיער הבלארוסית - סבטלנה וסילייבהדוגמנית - ליקה כץמאפרת - ספיר טאובצלם - עמירם עמר
Vasilyeva Sviatlana Hair Designer
Стилист Алеся Высоцкая
Vysotskaya Alesia Hair Designer
מעצב השיער Kiryniuk Aliaksandrדוגמנית אינגריד אקוקה מאפרת ספיר טאובצלם עמירם עמר
Kiryniuk Aliaksandr Hair Designer
מעצבת השיער דנית אנקרצלם עמירם עמר
Danit Ankar Hair Designer
מעצבת השיער אנה שבצ'וקדוגמנית אלהמאפרת ספיר טאובצלם עמירם עמר
Sheuchyk Hanna Hair Designer
Erez Ben Harush Hair Designer

During the rest of the visit in Israel our guests had a chance to visit Israeli hair salons and learn about local hairstyling work methods, pace of work, order of work, and many other relevant issues.

At Yossi Buchbut’s Hair Salon – Yostyle:

 במספרה אצל יוסי

At Giora Itzhakov’s Hair Salon:


Despite the high professional level of both Israeli and Belarusian hair designers, both sides were able to benefit from the other’s experience and knowledge – about hair fashions in each country, common types of hair, preferred hair colors, etc.

In conclusion:

We were all very excited to host the group of Belarusian hair designers in Israel, and we are pleased to have been able to provide them with knowledge which may assist them in their profession. It was important for us to get to know them personally and also to learn about their specific needs and requests. We promised to keep in touch and we wish them much success in future!

This post is also available in: Russian, Hebrew

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