Dead Sea Minerals (DSM) – Natural skin and hair care products

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Mon Platin’s DSM series is a unique combination of advanced technology, science and cosmetics enveloped in nature’s wonderful gift.

The series is specifically suited to those looking for natural skin and hair care products, and brings high quality, affordable products to a wide range of global consumers.

What’s important to know about Dead Sea Minerals series?

  1. The products contain a combination of mud and 26 unique Dead Sea minerals, many of which can be found exclusively in the Dead Sea. These minerals are known for their ability to sooth and nourish the skin, stimulate circulation and alleviate symptoms of arthritis, metabolic disorders, and more.
  2. The collection includes over 100 unique compounds of extracts, natural oils and vitamins in addition to other unique modern components which together ensure the high quality of each product while meeting the strictest global standards.
  3. Love of nature and people – our products are environmentally friendly and have never been tried on animals.
  4. Over 15 years of global experience – selling to millions of customers in 52 countries around the world.
  5. In 2009 the DSM collection was granted the quality standard for Dead Sea products.
  6. All our products are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and meet the strictest global standards.
  7. The entire DSM collection is manufactured in Israel, in local plants employing hundreds of workers and suppliers.

Which types products are included in the series?

Our products include cosmetics products specifically suited for various facial skin types, body skin products, anti-aging products, dental hygiene products, products for skin with psoriasis, sun protection products, hair products, baby products and cosmetics products for men.

Where can I purchase DSM products?

Please ask us to find out the location of our nearest store in your country by mail: or by Facebook DSM –

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    How do I get your products and I want to be a distributor of your product here in Nigeria and west Africa.


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