For the first time ever – Dead Sea Minerals protect your baby’s skin

Presented with love to all children and parents

When a new baby is born, you suddenly discover a completely new and boundless love, but also endless worries.

Like all parents, you care for the safety of your newborn, which at first means food, sleep and hygiene.

While food and sleep come naturally, parents are fully responsible for creating a hygienic environment for their baby.

You newborn child has very soft and sensitive skin, which can quickly become irritated and red in places where diapers touch the skin, and especially around the anus.

How can we protect our baby’s skin in the best and safest way?

DSM’s baby products series will help you protect your baby’s skin while ensuring maximum protection thanks to their special ingredients and unique formulas.

DSM’s products, developed by Mon Platin laboratories, have been developed especially for people who value skin nurturing and care products that are based on natural ingredients.

Anti Nappy Rash Baby Cream (with Hypo) –nurtures and protects baby’s highly delicate, sensitive skin, especially following contact with synthetic materials such as diapers, and is especially affective against rashes.


Special ingredients:

Dead Sea minerals

Fish oil (omega 3), castor oil and olive oil – for moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Vitamin E – anti-oxidant, reduces damages caused by pollution and by the sun

Vitamin B5

Chamomile extract – soothes the skin

Aloe Vera extract – soothes the skin

Allantoin – soothes the skin, makes it smoother and assists in healing irritated and injured skin.


DSM Baby Shampoo (with Hypo)


– Made of especially gentle ingredients

– Enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea

– Compatible with the strictest standards to ensure your baby’s safety

– Leaves hair soft, clean and shining

– Conditions hair for easy combing

Highly convenient for use, with a handy bottle and pump allowing use with only one hand. 


DSM Gentle Baby Oil (with Hypo)


Unique ingredients:

Dead Sea minerals

Vitamin E


Gentle Baby Shower Gel (with Hypo)


Unique ingredients:

Dead Sea minerals

Vitamin E

Presented with love for all children and their parents!

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